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FS#23392 - [eclipse] isn't compatible with xulrunner 2.0

Attached to Project: Arch Linux
Opened by XazZ (XazZ) - Tuesday, 22 March 2011, 22:29 GMT
Last edited by Paul Mattal (paul) - Sunday, 26 June 2011, 11:21 GMT
Task Type Bug Report
Category Packages: Extra
Status Closed
Assigned To Paul Mattal (paul)
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Severity Medium
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Eclipse crashes for me whenever I try to use it's code completion feature.
I believe it's due to the xulrunner update.
Maybe eclipse needs a rebuild?

Additional info:
* package version(s)
Eclipse 3.6.2-1

* config and/or log files etc.
Updated packages:
upgraded cairo (1.10.2-1 -> 1.10.2-2)
installed libnotify (0.7.1-1.1)
upgraded xulrunner ( -> 2.0-1)
upgraded firefox (3.6.15-1 -> 4.0-1)
upgraded flashplugin ( ->
installed libsoup (2.32.2-1)
installed libwebkit (1.2.7-1)
upgraded libproxy (0.4.6-3 -> 0.4.6-4)
upgraded linux-firmware (20110201-1 -> 20110227-1)
upgraded openal (1.12.854-2 -> 1.13-1)
upgraded vlc (1.1.7-5 -> 1.1.7-6)

Eclipse's crash log says:
# Problematic frame:
# C []

I attached a part of the crash log.

Steps to reproduce:
Try to use Eclipse's code completion (in a Java project type "System." and press CTRL+Space).

PS: I won't have access to my computer until Sunday, so if you need more information you may have to wait until then (sorry for that).
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Closed by  Paul Mattal (paul)
Sunday, 26 June 2011, 11:21 GMT
Reason for closing:  Fixed
Additional comments about closing:  Resolved with eclipse 3.7-1.
Comment by Andrea Scarpino (BaSh) - Tuesday, 22 March 2011, 23:23 GMT
Seems that eclipse isn't compatible with xulrunner 2.0, see ubuntu changelog:
Comment by Shang Cai (shangc) - Wednesday, 23 March 2011, 06:33 GMT
downgrading xulrunner to solves the problem, if you are not using firefox 4
Comment by Maxwell Draven (Ravenman) - Wednesday, 23 March 2011, 13:58 GMT
I have this issue too, I'm using Firefox 4.0 in my machine. What can I do? (Downgrade isn't a valid choice for me).
Comment by Ionut Biru (wonder) - Wednesday, 23 March 2011, 14:04 GMT
somebody posted a solution in the forums:

in /usr/share/eclipse/eclipse.ini add this following line

Comment by Maxwell Draven (Ravenman) - Wednesday, 23 March 2011, 21:02 GMT
@Wonder: Thanks by your help but didn't works for me. The console shows this:

[user@archer_pc ~]$ eclipse
# A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment:
# SIGSEGV (0xb) at pc=0x625be5a5, pid=1623, tid=3077576384
# JRE version: 6.0_22-b22
# Java VM: OpenJDK Client VM (19.0-b09 mixed mode linux-x86 )
# Derivative: IcedTea6 1.10
# Distribution: Custom build (Wed Mar 2 23:13:58 UTC 2011)
# Problematic frame:
# C []
# An error report file with more information is saved as:
# /home/user/hs_err_pid1623.log
# If you would like to submit a bug report, please include
# instructions how to reproduce the bug and visit:
/usr/bin/eclipse: line 4: 1623 Aborted ${ECLIPSE_HOME}/eclipse "$@"
Comment by Ayr0 (ayr0) - Thursday, 24 March 2011, 03:47 GMT
You need to add the following line to eclipse.ini


Save, and the crashes will go away.
Comment by Maxwell Draven (Ravenman) - Thursday, 24 March 2011, 15:27 GMT
@Ayr0 Thank you very much, the workaround worked for me and the crashes gone away.
Comment by Benjamin Robin (benjarobin) - Sunday, 27 March 2011, 10:38 GMT
I have created a bug report:
The right solution (for me) is using : -Dorg.eclipse.swt.browser.UseWebKitGTK=true
If I use -Dorg.eclipse.swt.browser.XULRunnerPath==/usr/lib/xulrunner-2.0/ it doesn't crash, but the documentation looks ugly.
Comment by Thor (thorflanders) - Wednesday, 30 March 2011, 07:32 GMT

Just updated yesterday, went from xulrunner-1.9.2 to xulrunner-2.0, FireFox became FireFox 4.
I use Eclipse Helios 3.6.2-1.

Symptoms : hovering over a Class name should produce a yellow-ish popup with package info. Eclipse crashes there.
- running from the console with "-debug" as parameter but there is nothing right after the crash, a lot before, nothing after. (cannot find eclipse.log - did a system seek)
- forcing eclipse to use the old xulrunner with "- Dorg.eclipse.swt.browser.XULRunnerPath==/usr/lib/xulrunner-1.9.2/" (tnx ayr0) but that failed, as well as the original setting -Dorg.eclipse.swt.browser.XULRunnerPath==/usr/lib/xulrunner-2.0/
- tried this line too : -Dorg.eclipse.swt.browser.UseWebKitGTK=true without any luck...

Occasiolnally this is what I do get:

[CODE]** (bug-buddy:9290): CRITICAL **: Failed to parse arguments: Cannot open display:[/CODE]

Sorry I cannot give any feedback, dont know where these logs are...not where they _should_ be anyway.

Hoping for a solution

PS : this is my first bug report, I hope to have followed the guidelines somewhat...
EDIT : @ Benjamin Robin : I read the bug report you entered and applied the command line that worked for you, where you force elcipse to use the "proper" xulrunner - this workaround seems to work for me too, thanks for this invaluable help!
Comment by Benjamin Robin (benjarobin) - Wednesday, 30 March 2011, 08:45 GMT
To run eclipse with WebKit, you need to install webkit :) => pacman -S libwebkit
Then start eclipse this way: eclipse -vmargs -Dorg.eclipse.swt.browser.UseWebKitGTK=true
Or just add: -Dorg.eclipse.swt.browser.UseWebKitGTK=true at the end of this file: /usr/share/eclipse/eclipse.ini
Comment by Flavio Coutinho da Costa (flaviocdc) - Wednesday, 06 April 2011, 02:08 GMT
Adding "-Dorg.eclipse.swt.browser.UseWebKitGTK=true" also fixed my problem.
Comment by pete (drg006) - Monday, 23 May 2011, 16:45 GMT
I'm seeing this problem again but the work-around (-Dorg.eclipse.swt.browser.UseWebKitGTK=true) is no longer working.
Comment by pete (drg006) - Monday, 23 May 2011, 16:58 GMT
Work-around: sudo ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/
Comment by Benjamin Robin (benjarobin) - Monday, 23 May 2011, 17:23 GMT
Did you read the official bug report : and/or ?
Eclipse is not compatiible with xulrunner 2 and libwebkit > 1.3
The workaround for now is to install old libwebkit (1.2.7)
Comment by Mehmet Ozgur Bayhan (matafleur) - Sunday, 12 June 2011, 10:11 GMT
Is there any chance to merge xulrunner version like python 2.x and 3.x?

I use a workaround solution with xulrunner 1.9.x and firefox4 with static libraries.But it is not a good solution like all above posts over here.
Comment by Benjamin Robin (benjarobin) - Sunday, 12 June 2011, 14:31 GMT
The only right solution is to install eclipse 3.7 (It's stable and in version RC)
I personnaly use an other solution : Copy the lib of libwebkit 1.2.7 into /usr/lib/ but I will upgrade to 3.7 soon.
Comment by Mehmet Ozgur Bayhan (matafleur) - Sunday, 12 June 2011, 15:52 GMT
Not right so much.Some plugins for eclipse still needs 3.4 3.5 or 3.6.So somebody still needs older versions of eclipse(especially j2ee users).Newer is the best is not true everytime.