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FS#16444 - [xfce4] cleanup the xfce4 group

Attached to Project: Arch Linux
Opened by Greg (dolby) - Saturday, 03 October 2009, 03:15 GMT
Last edited by Andreas Radke (AndyRTR) - Sunday, 23 May 2010, 09:35 GMT
Task Type Feature Request
Category Packages: Extra
Status Closed
Assigned To Andreas Radke (AndyRTR)
Architecture All
Severity Medium
Priority Normal
Reported Version
Due in Version Undecided
Due Date Undecided
Percent Complete 100%
Votes 3
Private No


Description: When the new XFCE version happens (probably next spring), i am not requesting a rebuild just for that, it would be great if the group was cleaned up.
PS. This is identical to my  FS#12890  request for base/core but a lot simpler.

Today the xfce4 group contains libs the user is presented with the option to install or not which make absolutely no sence.
What if he says no when prompted to install exo or not? Exo will still be installed even if he deselects it.

I think that the xfce4 group, and FWIW ALL groups IMO should be modelled after the gnome group. Its how groups should de used, period.
Compare the two groups. The files you are prompted to answer if you want installed for xfce4 are more than the ones for gnome...
This task depends upon

Closed by  Andreas Radke (AndyRTR)
Sunday, 23 May 2010, 09:35 GMT
Reason for closing:  Fixed
Comment by Andreas Radke (AndyRTR) - Saturday, 02 January 2010, 21:39 GMT
can you please described in detail what you think should be changed?
Comment by Greg (dolby) - Tuesday, 05 January 2010, 17:37 GMT
I will try. This applies to the current XFCE version of course.
1) Remove all the libs from the group. exo, libxfce4menu, libxfcegui4, libxfce4util, cause users get prompted to install em (furthermore explicitly) without any reason. Libs get installed if they are needed.
This of course is how i suggested all groups to work in Arch in the above mention FR#.
2) Remove the xfce icon theme completely. Especially if the dev team doesnt plan to update it for 4.8. AFAIK they dont intend to.
Optionally (opt)depend on one or both of tango and/or gnome icon theme. ( see  FS#16428  ). Optdepends can be both, depends probably only one.

3)I dont know if it would be useful to further split XFCE stuff by making another group maybe called xfce4-apps making it look like
+ the goodies.
eg.xfce group is core. only needed stuff incl. thunar. Then theres xfce-apps includes squeeze, mixer, orage, appfinder, terminal any apps not needed by core XFCE stuff. Then a third group with goodies.

Suggestion No. 3 i just made it up while seeing and it might be a bit complex. After all 1 xfce group could take care of those as well and the user is asked to confirm installation if he chooses No in the first question when installing the group. So its only a matter of preference and convinience of the one building the packages.

Thats about it.
Comment by Paul Mattal (paul) - Saturday, 06 February 2010, 23:14 GMT
So Andreas, what do you think of all this?
Comment by Andreas Radke (AndyRTR) - Wednesday, 12 May 2010, 20:33 GMT
We will probably see a minor release next week. I'll try to implement most of this.
Comment by Luck Darnière (LuX) - Wednesday, 19 May 2010, 21:44 GMT
(I'm not sure that this is the right place for reporting this, but...)
I have installed the Xfce group this week (after a fresh install of Arch by chroot, following the wiki) and noticed that a lot of icons were missing in the menus and the panel, whatever icons theme I choosed. The same bug has been reported several times in the french forum:
(Mars 2009)
(Août 2009)
(Nov. 2009)
The solution I found in these posts was always the same: install gnome-icon-theme, and indeed it solved the problem. Therefore I suggest to include that theme in the xfce group.
Note: Greg suggests to "Remove the xfce icon theme completely". I don't understand this: what means a desktop without icons?
Comment by Greg (dolby) - Saturday, 22 May 2010, 03:36 GMT
@Luck: No, i suggest the exact opposite. A desktop with *proper* icons and not the Rodent theme nonsense.
I had made another report here:  FS#16428  which was closed cause... Arch has a wiki.

@Andy: If you are willing to add another theme as a hardcoded dependency, you might also consider doing this with xfce4-settings:
sed -i s/Rodent/Tango/ $PKG/etc/xfce/xdg/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/xsettings.xml
Comment by Greg (dolby) - Saturday, 22 May 2010, 03:37 GMT
errm sorry Arch uses /etc/xdg instead of /etc/xfce/xdg/
Comment by Andreas Radke (AndyRTR) - Saturday, 22 May 2010, 16:08 GMT
- removed libxfce4util, libxfcegui4, libxfce4menu, exo from xfce group
- xfce4-settings now depends on tango-icon-theme and some more gtk-engines for choice presetting clearlooks (more a fix for #16428)
- pkg xfce4-icon-theme removed because it isn't maintained upstream anymore and it's lacking to many icons since 4.6 release.

I don't want to split the apps into more groups for now. Maybe when 4.8 will be released.

Is everybody satisfied now? Can we close this one?

PS: Please someone make the acording changes to our Xfe wiki page. Thanks.
Comment by Greg (dolby) - Saturday, 22 May 2010, 19:33 GMT