FS#74445 - [pipewire-pulse] coredumps after upgrade to 0.3.49

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Opened by Toke Høiland-Jørgensen (tohojo) - Monday, 11 April 2022, 12:22 GMT
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David Runge (dvzrv)
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After upgrading to pipewire-pulse-0.3.49-1, I'm getting repeated core dumps in the logs (and nothing related to pulseaudio works). Downgrading to 0.3.48 fixes the problem.

systemd-coredump[1762]: [🡕] Process 1751 (pipewire-pulse) of user 1000 dumped core.

Module linux-vdso.so.1 with build-id ae8518a0710c2679844504efb751b01abf13cef5
Module libdl.so.2 with build-id bb9bd2657bfba9f60bd34d2050cc63a7eb024bc4
Module libpthread.so.0 with build-id 7fa8b52fae071a370ba4ca32bf9490a30aff31c4
Module libavahi-client.so.3 with build-id 1858551543958190c653b565cf0eb64609ad908a
Module libavahi-common.so.3 with build-id 80fda945459a3476ccd1050783dfd5f5c17c479a
Module libm.so.6 with build-id 596b63a006a4386dcab30912d2b54a7a61827b07
Module libpipewire-module-protocol-pulse.so with build-id 3dbd6757e8ef817ce97b82aa478f4ac8014cfc59
Module libpipewire-module-metadata.so with build-id 75914d9d89b0b517562141df66fec05ee9a77809
Module libpipewire-module-adapter.so with build-id cd18ab3d8a1cfb296a1814f3296c66ea9a4734a8
Module libpipewire-module-client-node.so with build-id 5d5bb786a940ee33df5d0f72eaa3b63209385f91
Module libpipewire-module-protocol-native.so with build-id 719050a25d871ace56256dfa73fa94c5bd528d93
Module libpipewire-module-rt.so with build-id c6f3940e77a8923b69ac2888aa62a2cc5b4c31f1
Module libdbus-1.so.3 with build-id 7f4b16b4b407cbae2d7118d6f99610e29a18a56a
Module libspa-dbus.so with build-id 0a3399934a8e89e932a65d5be38a37056a566d91
Module libgpg-error.so.0 with build-id f9aaa96d5ddf6f6872051ed7abcdfe6bdaff9b1c
Module libgcrypt.so.20 with build-id 8bf3cb884124273640de797a3e77d86c98434ea4
Module libcap.so.2 with build-id eb6dae97527fc89dbb0d5bb581a15acd02ae9f56
Module liblz4.so.1 with build-id e63600ab23b2f6997f42fac2fa56e1f02ce159a1
Module libzstd.so.1 with build-id 3bccb8fe08e48d5ea135b1d0f99de0d771dd752f
Module liblzma.so.5 with build-id 28b40c7af8098a66af6ee093b6986b91cad7694d
Module libsystemd.so.0 with build-id 05d0460efefd339d315812f9506aecc5a5d22200
Module libspa-journal.so with build-id 31ef6525d9d1867b3840a376ba825fe72e636c7f
Module libspa-support.so with build-id 27fc14e3c6d3ae464b7e062065e2de3bf81931e7
Module ld-linux-x86-64.so.2 with build-id c09c6f50f6bcec73c64a0b4be77eadb8f7202410
Module libgcc_s.so.1 with build-id 5d817452a709ca3a213341555ddcf446ecee37fa
Module libc.so.6 with build-id 85766e9d8458b16e9c7ce6e07c712c02b8471dbc
Module libpipewire-0.3.so.0 with build-id 53b547e7dd190b48e3386f2419368d27f4726818
Module pipewire-pulse with build-id dcdf69ebaab4ea9c089a2588263bb79a58110207
Stack trace of thread 1751:
#0 0x00007fd7e8a746e1 n/a (libpipewire-module-metadata.so + 0x26e1)
#1 0x00007fd7e92f5300 pw_impl_module_destroy (libpipewire-0.3.so.0 + 0x63300)
#2 0x00007fd7e92d5546 pw_context_destroy (libpipewire-0.3.so.0 + 0x43546)
#3 0x00007fd7e92d6d2c pw_context_new (libpipewire-0.3.so.0 + 0x44d2c)
#4 0x000055b7916482b9 main (pipewire-pulse + 0x12b9)
#5 0x00007fd7e90b5310 __libc_start_call_main (libc.so.6 + 0x2d310)
#6 0x00007fd7e90b53c1 __libc_start_main@@GLIBC_2.34 (libc.so.6 + 0x2d3c1)
#7 0x000055b7916484a5 _start (pipewire-pulse + 0x14a5)
ELF object binary architecture: AMD x86-64
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Sunday, 09 October 2022, 22:27 GMT
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Comment by David Runge (dvzrv) - Friday, 20 May 2022, 19:10 GMT
@tohojo: Thanks for the report.

Is this still a problem with 1:0.3.51?
Comment by Toke Høiland-Jørgensen (tohojo) - Saturday, 21 May 2022, 20:27 GMT
Hmm, no I don't think so, although I have since switched back to plain pulseaudio for unrelated reasons... I'm OK with just closing this :)
Comment by Korkiat Petsiri (mrlamud) - Sunday, 09 October 2022, 22:23 GMT
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Since pipewire 1:0.3.59-1 then 1:0.3.59-2 (with patch for filter-chain crash)

This symptom still remains.
Comment by Toolybird (Toolybird) - Sunday, 09 October 2022, 22:27 GMT
This is an old bug. Please open a new bug and include a new debug backtrace [1] for the current crash.

[1] https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Debugging/Getting_traces