FS#59578 - [chromium] Coredump involving libharfbuzz (x-bug: firefox)

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Opened by Anonymous Submitter - Wednesday, 08 August 2018, 20:08 GMT
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On some web pages (possibly those using JS for layout), Chromium's tab crashes with the the following coredump:

Aug 08 21:55:17 wismut systemd-coredump[2456]: Process 2183 (chromium) of user 1000 dumped core.

Stack trace of thread 8:
#0 0x00007f83bbeeab5f raise (libc.so.6)
#1 0x00007f83bbed5452 abort (libc.so.6)
#2 0x00007f83bbed5328 __assert_fail_base.cold.0 (libc.so.6)
#3 0x00007f83bbee3176 __assert_fail (libc.so.6)
#4 0x00007f83c122d0f4 n/a (libharfbuzz.so.0)
#5 0x00007f83c124e6b8 n/a (libharfbuzz.so.0)
#6 0x00007f83c1213c92 hb_shape_plan_create2 (libharfbuzz.so.0)
#7 0x00007f83c1214756 hb_shape_plan_create_cached2 (libharfbuzz.so.0)
#8 0x00007f83c1213a20 hb_shape_full (libharfbuzz.so.0)
#9 0x000055de3aa66ca4 n/a (chromium)
#10 0x000055de3aa677fb n/a (chromium)
#11 0x000055de3aa632fe n/a (chromium)
#12 0x000055de3aa649e9 n/a (chromium)
#13 0x000055de3aa63571 n/a (chromium)
#14 0x000055de3ba912b5 n/a (chromium)
#15 0x000055de3ba90dd0 n/a (chromium)
#16 0x000055de3ba903cc n/a (chromium)
#17 0x000055de3a7d3ec9 n/a (chromium)
#18 0x000055de3a7657fc n/a (chromium)
#19 0x000055de3a780acd n/a (chromium)
#20 0x000055de3a781a96 n/a (chromium)
#21 0x000055de3a784d93 n/a (chromium)
#22 0x00007f83c3faa368 g_main_context_dispatch (libglib-2.0.so.0)
#23 0x00007f83c3faa5b1 n/a (libglib-2.0.so.0)
#24 0x00007f83c3faa63e g_main_context_iteration (libglib-2.0.so.0)
#25 0x000055de3a784ad3 n/a (chromium)
#26 0x000055de3a7a5ae4 n/a (chromium)
#27 0x000055de3a4544c0 n/a (chromium)
#28 0x000055de39206e9e n/a (chromium)
#29 0x000055de392091c3 n/a (chromium)
#30 0x000055de39202507 n/a (chromium)
#31 0x000055de3a42fd0a n/a (chromium)
#32 0x000055de3a439231 n/a (chromium)
#33 0x000055de3a42dcc4 n/a (chromium)
#34 0x000055de388a2b57 cfree (chromium)
#35 0x00007f83bbed7003 __libc_start_main (libc.so.6)
#36 0x000055de3876302e _start (chromium)

Interestingly, the a similar error (crashing tabs) occurs in Firefox on the same web sites, involving libharfbuzz too:

Aug 08 21:58:03 wismut systemd-coredump[3570]: Process 3529 (Web Content) of user 1000 dumped core.

Stack trace of thread 3529:
#0 0x00007f5bc8282b5f raise (libc.so.6)
#1 0x00007f5bc826d452 abort (libc.so.6)
#2 0x00007f5bc826d328 __assert_fail_base.cold.0 (libc.so.6)
#3 0x00007f5bc827b176 __assert_fail (libc.so.6)
#4 0x00007f5bc19de0f4 n/a (libharfbuzz.so.0)
#5 0x00007f5bc19ff6b8 n/a (libharfbuzz.so.0)
#6 0x00007f5bc19db790 n/a (libharfbuzz.so.0)
#7 0x00007f5bc19db8ef hb_ot_layout_table_find_script (libharfbuzz.so.0)
#8 0x00007f5bc19dcc52 hb_ot_layout_collect_features (libharfbuzz.so.0)
#9 0x00007f5bc19dd27d hb_ot_layout_collect_lookups (libharfbuzz.so.0)
#10 0x00007f5bc2e74802 n/a (libfreetype.so.6)
#11 0x00007f5bc2e74d4d n/a (libfreetype.so.6)
#12 0x00007f5bc2e75649 n/a (libfreetype.so.6)
#13 0x00007f5bc2e27818 FT_Load_Glyph (libfreetype.so.6)
#14 0x00007f5bbc81bffe n/a (libxul.so)

Additional info:
* package version(s): chromium 68.0.3440.84-2, harfbuzz 1.8.6-1, firefox 61.0.1-2

Steps to reproduce:

* A package that triggers the issue is for example the qbittorrent web interface, in Firefox as well as Chromium.
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Closed by  Evangelos Foutras (foutrelis)
Thursday, 09 August 2018, 11:04 GMT
Reason for closing:  Fixed
Additional comments about closing:  Reportedly fixed by upgrading to harfbuzz 1.8.7-1.
Comment by Jay Little (jaylittle) - Wednesday, 08 August 2018, 23:44 GMT
I appear to be seeing this issue as well. The following URL causes the browser/tab to consistently crash in both Chromium and Firefox for me:


Downgrading to the following package versions works around the issue for me (though Chromium still complains about broken Plasma integration, it works without crashing):

Comment by Jay Little (jaylittle) - Thursday, 09 August 2018, 02:02 GMT
I was able to resolve this issue by removing my custom fonts from the equation:

mv ~/.fonts ~/.fonts.old
fc-cache -vf

I was then able to restore those fonts and replicate the problem consistently again. My firefox crash dump actually listed a few specific ttf files so I started with removing those one by one. I managed to pick the right ones on the first try: tahoma.ttf and tahomabd.ttf. Adding either one of those back allows me to replicate the crash scenario. YMMV of course.
Comment by anonymous (Austaras) - Thursday, 09 August 2018, 03:09 GMT
same here,
https://ng.ant.design crashes my firefox
after remove Ping Fang Sc, everything works fine
Comment by Piotr Dziwinski (piotrdz) - Thursday, 09 August 2018, 06:08 GMT
I am also experiencing this bug, and I can also confirm that removing specific TTF fonts fixes the issue. In my case, I was using ttf-ms-win10 from AUR and removing this package fixed the problem for me.
Comment by Mike Javorski (javmorin) - Thursday, 09 August 2018, 06:43 GMT
I am encountering this issue when attempting to open an excel doc with libreoffice (both -still and -fresh versions). I have ttf-ms-win10 installed, and removing it allows libreoffice to run. I have to work with MS fonts for work so I need to have that font package installed.

I was not experiencing issues yesterday, prior to today's pacman -Syu run which updated harfbuzz* and icu packages
Comment by M. Ham. (MHami) - Thursday, 09 August 2018, 07:18 GMT
Same for me. I also have ttf-ms-win10 installed. I created a ~/.fonts.conf with the following content to work around this issue. Don't know if this works around all issues

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE fontconfig SYSTEM "fonts.dtd">
<patelt name="family" >
Comment by David Roth (V1del) - Thursday, 09 August 2018, 07:35 GMT
There's a new harfbuzz release that is likely to be the fix for this: https://github.com/harfbuzz/harfbuzz/releases/tag/1.8.7
Comment by Darkhan K (darkhan) - Thursday, 09 August 2018, 08:37 GMT
After upgrading harfbuzz to 1.8.7 the issue was resolved for me. Thanks @V1del
Version 1.8.7 is already available in some of the mirrors https://www.archlinux.org/packages/extra/x86_64/harfbuzz/
Comment by Anonymous Submitter - Thursday, 09 August 2018, 09:49 GMT
I can confirm that the upgrade to harfbuzz 1.8.7 solves the issue for me in both Firefox 61.0.2 and Chromium 68.0.3440.106-1.

Requesting closure on this bug as it appears to be solved by upstream.
Comment by Jay Little (jaylittle) - Thursday, 09 August 2018, 10:28 GMT
harfbuzz upgrade resolves the issue for me as well