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FS#54914 - [gdm] Unable to login after screen lock, often crashes and forced to restart manually

Attached to Project: Arch Linux
Opened by Deactivated account (TechnicalTotoro) - Sunday, 23 July 2017, 17:25 GMT
Last edited by Doug Newgard (Scimmia) - Wednesday, 26 July 2017, 15:01 GMT
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Assigned To Jan de Groot (JGC)
Jan Steffens (heftig)
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As of about a week or so ago, and not even after doing a package upgrade, I have noticed that when my machine suspends, that when I pull the shield up instead of "Unlock", the button says "Next", and no matter how many times I type the correct password it won't let me in.

In a lot of cases I also find that immediately, or after I have pressed enter or at some random point, the screen will either freeze or go black and force me to manually do a restart. In most cases I am also unable to switch to another TTY. And each time something like this is in the logs in regards to gnome-shell:

Jul 23 17:16:50 <computerName> NetworkManager[304]: <info> [1500826610.0777] manager: sleep requested (sleeping: no enabled: yes)
Jul 23 17:16:50 <computerName> NetworkManager[304]: <info> [1500826610.0778] manager: sleeping...
Jul 23 17:16:50 <computerName> gnome-software-service.desktop[1090]: 16:16:50:0148 GsPluginShellExtensions no app for changed alternate-tab@gnome-shell-extensi
Jul 23 17:16:50 <computerName> gnome-software-service.desktop[1090]: 16:16:50:0150 GsPluginShellExtensions no app for changed drive-menu@gnome-shell-extensions
Jul 23 17:16:50 <computerName> org.gnome.Shell.desktop[505]: Window manager warning: Failed to set power save mode for output LVDS-1: Permission denied
Jul 23 17:16:50 <computerName> wpa_supplicant[467]: nl80211: deinit ifname=wlp2s0b1 disabled_11b_rates=0
Jul 23 17:16:50 <computerName> NetworkManager[304]: <info> [1500826610.0780] device (wlp2s0b1): state change: unavailable -> unmanaged (reason 'sleeping', int
Jul 23 17:16:50 <computerName> gnome-software-service.desktop[1090]: 16:16:50:0160 GsPluginShellExtensions no app for changed activities-config@nls1729
Jul 23 17:16:50 <computerName> gnome-software-service.desktop[1090]: 16:16:50:0182 GsPluginShellExtensions no app for changed
Jul 23 17:16:50 <computerName> NetworkManager[304]: <info> [1500826610.0783] device (wlp2s0b1): set-hw-addr: reset MAC address to 68:94:23:F4:00:CD (unmanage)
Jul 23 17:16:50 <computerName> NetworkManager[304]: <info> [1500826610.0790] manager: NetworkManager state is now ASLEEP
Jul 23 17:16:50 <computerName> gnome-shell[505]: Screen lock is locked down, not locking
Jul 23 17:16:50 <computerName> gnome-shell[776]: JS ERROR: Error getting systemd inhibitor: Gio.IOErrorEnum: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.login1.OperationInProg
Jul 23 17:16:50 <computerName> systemd[1]: Reached target Sleep.
Jul 23 17:16:50 <computerName> systemd[1]: Starting Suspend...
Jul 23 17:16:50 <computerName> systemd-sleep[1513]: Suspending system...

When the issue first started it only blocked me from unlocking the machine, now it has the freezing and black screen business, and actually it's getting worse, more often than not now it just freezes when I move the mouse to try and open the shield, other times it doesn't even get to showing me anything on the screen and just stays black. On other times the little light indicating the caps locks will be flashing like mad even though I'm not doing anything relating to that.

This is a real menace and is really hampering with usability as it happens every time now even though it didn't in previous days, not all the time anyway. But now it does, this used to only include when it went to sleep because of the timeout, now it's also if I just close my laptop lid of my Lenovo B590. I have also found that when it goes crazy in this state, even when it hasn't crashed and just doesn't let me unlock it, if I close the lid or use the keyboard shortcut that normally works to make it go to sleep, nothing happens.

My Arch system is kept up-to-date and I am running gnome-shell version 3.24.3-1.
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Comment by Deactivated account (TechnicalTotoro) - Wednesday, 26 July 2017, 15:28 GMT
I have tried doing a fresh install but the issue remains. Also, I filed a report upstream as well just in case so that we can faster diagnose where the issue is: I've asked others and my Arch system (I don't know anyone else who has Arch) seems to be the only one with the problem. As there is no problem on Fedora or Ubuntu.
Comment by Deactivated account (TechnicalTotoro) - Wednesday, 26 July 2017, 15:31 GMT
So I think it's more likely to be downstream or at least only seems to affect Arch.
Comment by Jan Steffens (heftig) - Wednesday, 26 July 2017, 21:28 GMT
Please check if you made any changes to the files in /etc/pam.d/ or /etc/gdm/.
Comment by Deactivated account (TechnicalTotoro) - Wednesday, 26 July 2017, 21:31 GMT
It's a fresh install, I've haven't manually made any changes there or done anything out of the ordinary. In fact this issue appeared out of the blue not even after an update so it would be very strange for there to be some configuration change just like that. Is there anything in particular that I should check in these config files?
Comment by Hussam Al-Tayeb (hussam) - Sunday, 03 September 2017, 09:00 GMT
Do you have auto-login enabled?