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FS#43651 - Pending requests should link to [aur-requests]

Attached to Project: AUR web interface
Opened by (Det) - Sunday, 01 February 2015, 00:29 GMT
Last edited by Lukas Fleischer (lfleischer) - Saturday, 06 February 2016, 15:08 GMT
Task Type General Gripe
Category Backend
Status Assigned
Assigned To Lukas Fleischer (lfleischer)
Architecture All
Severity Low
Priority Normal
Reported Version 3.5.0
Due in Version 4.3.0
Due Date Undecided
Percent Complete 0%
Votes 6
Private No


Pending requests should link to [aur-requests], as it tells you what the request was about, and when it was made.
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Comment by Lukas Fleischer (lfleischer) - Monday, 23 February 2015, 09:06 GMT
Would be a nice feature. It is quite difficult (and ugly) to implement this since we'd need to parse the mailman archives to find corresponding thread identifiers, though... Other suggestions are welcome!
Comment by (Det) - Monday, 23 February 2015, 10:40 GMT
Probably doesn't help, but in Bash I just tried the following, and it seemed to work:

request="" # Orphan/Merge/Deletion
# LC_TIME=C: prevent locale translation of %B
# ${pkgbase}$: match end of line to prevent suffixed results, e.g. -git, -dev
thread="$(curl -sL$(LC_TIME=C date +%G-%B)/thread.html | grep ${pkgbase}$ | grep ${request} | cut -d '"' -f2)"
Comment by Lukas Fleischer (lfleischer) - Monday, 23 February 2015, 12:00 GMT
Yeah, that is not a particularly nice solution... And there are other issues: When do we parse the page? We cannot do it when the request is created since mailman might take some time to process the incoming email and add it to the archives. We also cannot do it every time the package details page is requested. Maybe one of the best ideas is to add some kind of hook to mailman...
Comment by Johannes Löthberg (demize) - Saturday, 27 June 2015, 23:24 GMT Comment by Lukas Fleischer (lfleischer) - Sunday, 28 June 2015, 06:25 GMT
That would require that the mailing lists are hosted on the same server as aurweb, right? Another idea I had is to subscribe a special user to the mailing lists and parse all incoming emails. Something we'd need to do anyway when implementing FS#28230...
Comment by Ian D. Scott (ids1024) - Sunday, 11 October 2015, 15:36 GMT
Periodically fetching the current month's gzipped text archive (for this month, from mailman would make it possible to get the emails without subscribing a user to the list.

Of course, it would be possibly to show the request type and comment without any interaction with mailman, since those are already stored in the database. A link to the mailing list post would be good too though.
Comment by Shawn Nock (nocko) - Sunday, 25 October 2015, 22:05 GMT
Having the request type and comment available via the package page would be great; dealing with a (I think) phantom request on tor-unstable. There's no requests on the package in the aur-request history, but the notice appears in the interface
Comment by Mark Weiman (markzz) - Tuesday, 15 December 2015, 00:19 GMT
Why do we need to link to the mailing list? This data is stored in the database so why not just pull it from the database?
Comment by (Det) - Tuesday, 15 December 2015, 15:17 GMT
That was mentioned by Ian on 11 Oct too.
Comment by Lukas Fleischer (lfleischer) - Tuesday, 15 December 2015, 16:32 GMT
The point of linking to the mailing list is to make it easier to look for ongoing discussion on a request. Might be better to simply integrate discussions more into aurweb itself, though.
Comment by Jens Adam (byte) - Tuesday, 16 February 2016, 17:03 GMT Comment by Mark Weiman (markzz) - Tuesday, 16 February 2016, 17:09 GMT
byte: No, that only displays the message that was supplied when someone flags a package base out-of-date. There's nothing that links you to the message supplied for a request (orphan, delete, or merge).
Comment by Chih-Hsuan Yen (yan12125) - Wednesday, 28 July 2021, 04:29 GMT
If the mailing list aur-requests is moved to Mailman 3 [1], its search function may be useful. A link like this example from the Python community [2] can be added to aurweb.