FS#35529 - [mkinitcpio] root=/dev/nfs makes arch wait 10 seconds before booting

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Opened by Antonio (kokoko3k) - Wednesday, 29 May 2013, 08:03 GMT
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I've a pxe system that mounts "/" over nfs, and i noticed that the 10 seconds the system waits for /dev/nfs always timeout, on every boot.
but after that, the system boots fine and the nfs mounts are available.
changing rootdelay kernel parameter to a lower value (even just 1 second) , makes the system boots faster and fine;

I went deeper into this,
The problem is (seems to be) that the init function: poll_device() in /usr/lib/initcpio/init_functions,
waits for the device /dev/nfs (specified in the kernel command line) to be available.
But /dev/nfs will never show up because, as stated here:


This is necessary to enable the pseudo-NFS-device. Note that it's not a
real device but just a synonym to tell the kernel to use NFS instead of
a real device.

To make the long story short:
- the kernel needs root=/dev/nfs in order to boot from nfs
- arch init waits for /dev/nfs
- /dev/nfs does not appear because is not meant to be a real device
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Closed by  Jelle van der Waa (jelly)
Monday, 18 September 2023, 17:44 GMT
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Additional comments about closing:  https://gitlab.archlinux.org/archlinux/m kinitcpio/mkinitcpio/issues/202
Comment by Dave Reisner (falconindy) - Wednesday, 29 May 2013, 18:57 GMT
The fact that you cite using an initramfs means that the documentation you cite is irrelevant -- it coincides with the builtin kernel logic for mounting a remote device. Do you not use nfsroot= ?
Comment by Antonio (kokoko3k) - Thursday, 30 May 2013, 10:35 GMT
Even if you are right, that root=/dev/nfs is useless with an initramfs, i tried to remove root=/dev/nfs from the boot line, while still using nfsroot, but at boot the system still says:
waiting 10 seconds for device for /dev/nfs
This is what i tried:


LABEL archlinux
kernel /archlinux/boot/vmlinuz-linux
append initrd=archlinux/boot/initramfs-linux-fallback.img rootfstype=nfs nfsroot=,rsize=16384,wsize=16384 ip=::::::dhcp init=/usr/lib/systemd/systemd


Do you know if there is a way to avoid that useless delay without forcing arbitrary values with rootdelay?
Comment by Doug Newgard (Scimmia) - Monday, 06 July 2015, 05:10 GMT
ping falconindy...
Comment by Giancarlo Razzolini (grazzolini) - Thursday, 07 March 2019, 15:19 GMT
Does this issue still happen with recent kernels and mkinitcpio?
Comment by Dave Reisner (falconindy) - Thursday, 07 March 2019, 15:42 GMT
I would assume so, yes.
Comment by Glenn Tanner (glenntanner3) - Tuesday, 02 April 2019, 19:17 GMT
Yes this is still an issue.
I have traced the flow below and it seems the solution is to either add an exception for '/dev/nfs' in 'resolve_device' or adjust the net hook not to set root. I'm not sure what else uses root so in my opinion the exception is more reasonable. I have tested and verified it working with the resolve_device exception '[ "$device" = "/dev/nfs" ] && return 0'.
I have another edit for the net hook i'd like to make but not sure where to make it, is 'https://git.archlinux.org/svntogit/packages.git/tree/trunk/initcpio-install-net?h=packages/mkinitcpio-nfs-utils' correct? I'll submit this one as well if you can point me in the correct location.

/usr/lib/initcpio/hooks/net -> sets root=/dev/nfs
/usr/lib/initcpio/init -> resolves this device 'rootdev=$(resolve_device "$root") && root=$rootdev'
/usr/lib/initcpio/init_functions(resolve_device) -> calls 'poll_device "$device" "$rootdelay"'
/usr/lib/initcpio/init_functions(poll_device /dev/nfs "") -> tests for the block device '[ -b "$device" ]', otherwise sleeps for $2 or 10 seconds and checks for the device again as it's return value
Comment by Giancarlo Razzolini (grazzolini) - Tuesday, 02 April 2019, 23:47 GMT
Hi, I'm considering merging the netconf hook that is now on [community] with the net hook on mkinitcpio. Also, I think nfs specific code should be on a separate hook. I don't like the idea of implementing an exception.
Comment by Glenn Tanner (glenntanner3) - Wednesday, 03 April 2019, 01:37 GMT
As a rule I try to avoid them as well, and while I cannot look up the citation at the moment, I believe the kernel recognizes when root=/dev/nfs indicating a remote root file system on an nfs share. Therefore it is proper for the net hook to set root=/dev/nfs in case the user does not set that kernel parameter. An attempt to mount root doesn't occur until after resolve_root, but even so it's not mounted to /dev/nfs. So it will never exist as a physical device.
Comment by Glenn Tanner (glenntanner3) - Wednesday, 03 April 2019, 16:26 GMT
Its possible that having the NET hook set root=/dev/nfs as a run_latehook might be acceptable. I'm in a case right now where I'm about to add a run_latehook function to preserve the /tmp/net-*.conf files to the host OS.
Sorry about the duplicate post, refreshed the page and it reposted. I'll watch out for that in the future.
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