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FS#30286 - pacman-key --init hangs at "gpg: Generating pacman keychain mast Expand Collapse
After running pacman-key --init, the terminal will hang at
gpg: Generating pacman keychain master key
indefinitely with no output to the user.

In this forum post
many users confirm this happening, and a fix being "generating entropy" via running ls -R / in another terminal or by connecting and moving around a mouse while pacman-key --init is hanging. This input should be automated or it should be surfaced to the user that it is required.

Additional info:
* core/pacman 4.0.3-2 (base)

Steps to reproduce:
* with a fresh install of arch, run pacman-key --init
* notice that it hangs after the following output:

[root@(none) ~]# pacman-key --init
gpg:generating pacman keychain master key...

FS#61497 - Add a timestamp file to repos Expand Collapse
Even with signed repos (come on Arch!), people could delay updates to keep vulnerabilities from being fixed.

Our repos should contain a .TIMESTAMP file, that pacman reads. Then a config option that gives the maximum amount of time a repo is considered valid for.
FS#65677 - [makepkg] not all source files get included in debug packages Expand Collapse
Summary and Info:

We currently only look at the .debug_info section of readelf's output, finding DW_AT_name/DW_AT_comp_dir pair to grab file names. That gets the main compilation units, but misses header files. Header files can contain small functions, and so would be useful in debugging.

We can additionally look in the .debug_line section. This section has a table of directories that source files come from (which can be filtered to remove system directories), and a file name table with files from each directory. This does not include the files we currently grab.

FS#66340 - [pacman] distcc and ccache together break gcc in package() Expand Collapse
When using both distcc and ccache, PKGBUILDs that execute gcc in package() fail to build with an error from distcc like:

distcc[52016] (main) CRITICAL! distcc seems to have invoked itself recursively!

Additional info:
* The cause is that CCACHE_PREFIX is set to "distcc distcc" instead of just "distcc", which is because buildenv gets set once for build() and a second time for package() and each time it appends "distcc". So ccache invokes "distcc distcc gcc" and that causes distcc to have a fit.
* I posted a patch at but it wasn't taken in. I ran into this again just now so I decided to file a bug.

Steps to reproduce:
* Enable both ccache and distcc in BUILDENV in /etc/makepkg.conf.
* makepkg any package that invokes the compiler in package(), for example ncurses.
* Observe the error during the "make install" command.
FS#67811 - [meta-bug] downloader issues Expand Collapse
This is to serve as a tracker for issues or improvements to be made to the parallel downloader before the 6.0 release.

FS#67812 - Capture and summarize downloader errors
FS#67813 - Improve downloader output when retrieving only signature files
FS#67850 - Broken output and file when downloading multiple files with the same name
 FS#68202  - TotalDownload does nothing

 FS#66472  - Delete .sig in addtion to package when failing to validate
 FS#67973  - CTRL+C during parallel downloads mixes output and interrupt message
 FS#68355  - pacman -Syup needs a newline after databse downloads
 FS#68728  - internal downloader segfaults if dlcb not set
 FS#68729  - internal downloader loops forever if parallel_downloads has not been set

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