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FS#71109 - [pacman] regression in pacman:6 breaks local repo, package cachi Expand Collapse

Having local repository as `CacheDir` in `pacman.conf` isn't honored by `pacman:6`.

This behaviour is leverage in e.g: `devtools:arch-nspawn` or `AUR/aurutils`.

In `pacman:5` adding local location repository as a `CacheDir` in `pacman.conf` results in packages being fetched form local repo without "downloading" during installation.

In `pacman:6` packages gets "download" to the first `CacheDir` named in `pacman.conf` although they are accessible
through additional `CacheDir`.

Additional info:
* pacman:6.0.0

FS#71148 - [Pacman] v6.0.0 do not sync repo on GitHub release Expand Collapse
Pacman v6.0.0 - libalpm v13.0.0

Add a custom repo hosting packages in a GitHub release.
Edit /etc/pacman.conf like so:

Server = https://[redacted]/$repo/releases/download/x86_64
SigLevel = Required

then update the repo

$ sudo pacman -Syyu

The situation is explained in this thread

I've been asked to open a bug report

Kind regards.
FS#71154 - man pages are not reproducible Expand Collapse
man pages have a date in them.

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