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FS#31850 - Send notification e-mails in preferred user language Expand Collapse
All notification e-mails are currently sent in English. Make the necessary backend and frontend changes to allow for a user to receive e-mails in a specified language.
FS#31851 - Overhaul e-mail notification system Expand Collapse
The code for the notification system is not pretty and mixed into places it shouldn't be. Rewrite a large chunk to make it more flexible for other types of notifications.

Make notifications have more fine-grained control (i.e. Some users want e-mails every time a package is updated, others only if it is deleted.)

This rewrite should make it much easier to fix other notification related bugs.
FS#41607 - More verbose emails about changing request status Expand Collapse
These emails provide (including email title) now only No. of the request and TU nickname creating some difficulties in response understanding.

It would be a good addition to show package name and type of the request too. It can be shown as title (as for request email now) or in the email body. The first one may be just realized by a copy of source email title (now title pattern is "[PRQ#No] Request Accepted"). The second one may be realized by addition of the same information after No. of the request.

Original thread:
FS#53832 - Unable to abandon co-maintainership from web interface. Expand Collapse
Title. I was added by a maintainer (a TU) but I cannot remove myself as a co-maintainer.

Selecting the package from the list of packages I co-maintain and running the "Disown package" action returns an error saying I selected no packages. I assume that action doesn't account for co-maintainers.
FS#56606 - No "Request Accepted" when accepting orphan requests Expand Collapse
When a Merge or Deletion requests was filed, accepting it through the Requests interface results in a "has been accepted" notification email, e.g.

Request #9935 has been accepted by Alad [1].


However, when doing the same for an Orphan request, an "automatically accepted" notification appears instead, as if the package was disowned manually, e.g.

Request #9828 has been accepted automatically by the Arch User
Repository package request system:

The user Alad disowned the package.

I believe in all three cases, an "has been accepted" notification should appear, to ensure users corollate the Disown with the respective request.
FS#56649 - Fix use of '---' in markdown handling of comments Expand Collapse
When writing a comment containing '---' the horizontal line is not correctly generated. Instead the '<hr>'-tag is printed as text (escaped).
FS#57343 - Copy string under PKGBUILDs out-of-date Expand Collapse
Currently the copyright string under PKGBUILDs in the AUR web interface (for example: seems out-of-date:
"Copyright © 2004-2014 aurweb Development Team"
The copyright string when browsing packages is:
"Copyright © 2004-2018 aurweb Development Team."

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