AUR web interface

**This is the bug tracker for the AUR web interface.**

Use this tracker to report bugs or make feature requests regarding the behaviour or implementation of the AUR software.
Please read the Reporting Bug Guidelines before filing a new task.

- Please report bugs related to Arch Linux official packages here:
- Please report bugs for [community] packages here:
- For any packages in the AUR contact the maintainer or leave a comment on the package's detail page.

Source Code:
ID Task Type Category Summary Status Opened Comments Last Edited
 55068  Bug Report Backend  [SSH backend] attempt to disown a recently upload packa ... Closed 2017-08-08 6 2017-11-05
 53956  Bug Report Backend  Account removal results in owned packages removed from  ... Closed 2017-05-07 7 2017-11-05
56261 Bug Report Backend Not working descending sorting by votes Unconfirmed 2017-11-06 4 2017-11-08
 56255  Feature Request Backend  Allow co-maintainers to mark comments as pinned  Closed 2017-11-06 2 2017-12-21
 52008  Feature Request Backend  Autolink bug references in comments  Closed 2016-11-30 3 2017-12-23
 43290  Feature Request Backend  aur4 allow comments to reference (link) git commits  Closed 2015-01-01 7 2017-11-06
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